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Helping people regain freedom and independence in the bathroom

The Solar Range

The Solar range of easy access showers and wet rooms, with a single full length panel or half door enclosure, offers a modern, stylish design.

Easy Access Showers

Easy Access showers with a step of just 35mm, are available in a wide variety of shower tray sizes and shower enclosures to suite all shapes and sizes of bathroom.      

Shower enclosures range from full size panels and doors for people who prefer not to have a shower curtain, to half door enclosures or a mixture of both, where assistance with bathing may be a key requirement.

Ramped Access

Ramped Access shower trays are also available to minimise the step into the shower or to make it easier for wheelchair access, where it is not possible to cut into the flooring to create a level access facility

Shower trays can be installed as Level Access or Easy Access, with a step of just
35 - 40mm, or as above floor at 85 - 90mm, where the drainage does not permit a lower installation or the floor cannot be penetrated, eg. concrete.