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Helping people regain freedom and independence in the bathroom


The Fontana Walk in Bath has been designed in size to make it ideal as a replacement for a standard bath.                                                   
The Fontana's low level entry point and wide opening door ensures easy step-in access, while it's soft curved lines and ergonomically designed seat allows you to step in, sit back and relax in comfort and style. 

Dimensions:  Length 1685mm, Width 750mm, Adjustable Height


The Luna Walk in Bath offers a more upright seating position for those less able, whilst still providing sufficient depth of water for a deep soak.                                                   
The Luna Bath has a low entry step-in access with a wide opening door, which can be opened from the seating position. There ar no hazardous catches and it has an anti-slip and anti-bacterial flooring.

Dimensions:  Length 1220mm, Width 660mm, Adjustable Height

A Hydrotherapy option is also available to further enhance the bathing experience